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The Squadra Tuning Performance Logger is a unique OBD tool that is completely focused on getting the maximum driving pleasure in terms of monitoring driveline parameters and performance.

The Performances Logger reads already existing data that is exchanged between the various control units over the CAN buses.

What can the Performance Logger do?

It all starts with measuring acceleration time. 0-100, 0-160/200, 400 meter, highest reached speed. Best times are saved.

Driveline parameters like boost pressure, intake, oil and coolant temperature can be monitored. But also, depending on the type of Giulia/Stelvio, exhaust gas temperature,  battery charge and condition, DPF clogging, tire and brake disc temperature. It’s even possible to measure power and torque values. And many more……

There is also an option to switch off the ABS/TC and set a Burn-out or Launch Assist mode.

Even seat and steering heating can be switched one automatically.

All Performance Logger SD versions contain an integrated micro SD card slot to store all monitored and additional parameters.

Note: for models from 2018 onwards it could be necessary to place a SGW bridge, this is also available from the webshop. Only suitable for the central 7″ TFT screen.

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Performance logger versie

Full SD version, Full version, Light SD version


Giulia 2.0T, Giulia 2.2 JTD 6MT E6B, Giulia 2.2 JTD 6MT E6D, Giulia Q 6MT, Giulia Q 8AT, Giulia/ Stelvio 2.0T AWD, Giulia/ Stelvio 2.2 JTD 8AT AWD E6D, Giulia/ Stelvio 2.2 JTD 8AT E6B, Giulia/ Stelvio 2.2 JTD 8AT E6D, Giulia/ Stelvio 2.2 JTD 8AT Q4 E6B, Stelvio Q AWD

TFT scherm

7 inch


MY2018-onwards, until MY2018


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Automerk Model Jaar Motor
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