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We offer performance parts for a wide range of engines. Everything from the 1.3 MultiJet to the 2.4 JTD for example. We also offer tuning parts for TBi and MultiAir Engines.Wij bieden performance parts aan voor veel verschillende motortypes. Alles van de 1.3 MultiJet tot bijvoorbeeld de 2.4 JTD, daarnaast bieden wij ook dieverse tuningdelen aan voor TBi en MultiAir motoren.

We always include a manual with the products that are more difficult to install, you can choose if you want the manual on paper or if you also want it digitally on or special platform at checkout.

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Engine performance parts for JTD and TBi engines

16 hours ago

The 2023 racing season is starting soon! As a result we have been busy with the preparation of parts for several JTD powered Alfa's. One beautiful example can be seen here, keep an eye on this one! ... See MoreSee Less
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3 months ago

For some time we are working on a big turbo conversion for the Giulia/Stelvio 2.2 JTD. Ofcourse there is the hybrid turbo option, which we are running for more than a year now. As the turbo has no problem to pump 3500 mbar of pressure, the actual power output is with ~270 hp not at the level we have seen with a GTB2060 turbo. The difficulty with the Giulia unit is that the turbine is integrated with the exhaust manifold. And this exhaust housing is very restrictive, creating backpressure that kills power. So what we need is a custom manifold where we can fit a bigger unit to. During the initial process we made designs in tubular and a more compact (log) style. The compact design was favoured because of turbo response and packaging, although it will trade a little bit topend power. The biggest challenge was to make a decent merge section for this. As we want it to have in one piece for reliability, we decided to have it 3D printed from stainless steel 316L. The printing is done with SLM technology, Selective Laser Melting which has a maximum density and very good physical properties. As it is quite a new technology for this application, we have to see in reality how it holds under full power. Stay tuned for more! ... See MoreSee Less
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3 months ago

The anti theft armor succesfully installed at a Stelvio Q, which turned out to be a different shape from the Super and Veloce. With this design added, we can supply armors for all Giulia and Stelvio types from now on!Don't have your Giulia or Stelvio stolen easily, cover this unsafe radar connection with a rugged anti theft armor in stainless steel!jtd-performance.com/en/product/anti-theft-armor-giulia/ ... See MoreSee Less
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