Welcome to JTD-Performance.com, the only shop specialized in tuning hardware for JTD engines Where remapping ends, JTD-Performance will continue! Take a look around in the shop and do not hesitate to contact us for questions.

We offer performance parts for a wide range of engines. Everything from the 1.3 MultiJet to the 2.4 JTD for example. We also offer tuning parts for TBi and MultiAir Engines.Wij bieden performance parts aan voor veel verschillende motortypes. Alles van de 1.3 MultiJet tot bijvoorbeeld de 2.4 JTD, daarnaast bieden wij ook dieverse tuningdelen aan voor TBi en MultiAir motoren.

We always include a manual with the products that are more difficult to install, you can choose if you want the manual on paper or if you also want it digitally on or special platform at checkout.

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Engine performance parts for JTD and TBi engines

1 month ago

A funny part at the Giulietta QV engine is the compressor outlet pipe. Not only is it rather narrow, it also has some kind of silencer and is made of very thin sheet, that in some cases can rupture. We saw a request from someone (thanks Thijs) why there isn't any better alternative for this pipe. So we decided to make a bigbore prototype which is plug&play. Let's test this one, and if the results look positive these will be added to the webshop soon. ... See MoreSee Less
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2 months ago

New catback exhaust for this Giulia 2.2 JTD, completely in 76mm stainless steel. Aftermarket systems are normally smaller sized for the diesel, but on customers request we modified a 2.0T front exhaust pipe to fit the JTD. This exhaust mod was done as a preparation for future upgrades. ... See MoreSee Less
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2 months ago

Giulia 2.2 JTD big turbo upgrade part 3. It's in!Out with the earlier hybrid turbo and in with the custom exhaust manifold, beefed up Maserati turbo, new custom made downpipe and new air intake piping. Not only did we relocate the turbo position, we also rotated it a little bit clockwise to get a better angle for the downpipe and compressor out pipe.Next thing is, finetuning the actuator position and software to see what this bad boy is capable of! Stay tuned. ... See MoreSee Less
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