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We offer performance parts for a wide range of engines. Everything from the 1.3 MultiJet to the 2.4 JTD for example. We also offer tuning parts for TBi and MultiAir Engines.Wij bieden performance parts aan voor veel verschillende motortypes. Alles van de 1.3 MultiJet tot bijvoorbeeld de 2.4 JTD, daarnaast bieden wij ook dieverse tuningdelen aan voor TBi en MultiAir motoren.

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Engine performance parts for JTD and TBi engines

3 weeks ago

Giulia 2.2 JTD big turbo upgrade part 5:In the previous update we explained the initial tuning issues we had with the 2262 spec turbo. So in the meantime we opened it, changed the VNT lever to a longer one -same as used at the 2060- and adjusted the minimum flow/vnt opening at a flow rig.We tested it, and although it is much better than before we still aren’t exactly pleased with the performance. In terms of ultimate power it is better than the 2060 as we recorded ~320 hp with the Performance Logger. However the torque and the turbo spool is a lot worse. This in a way that the power advantage of roughly 10 hp does not outweigh the loss in driveability. So is that it? The 2060 is a much better match than the 2262 for this 2143 cc engine? We don’t think so, something is still off with the 2262. What we realized is, the existing parameters in the OBD are not enough. There’s quite a bit of sensors at the stock JTD engine but a big portion is emission related and we want to log more performance related parameters such as exhaust manifold pressure (EMP), pressure and temperature at the compressor inlet and outlet, pressure and temp difference over the intercooler and so on. So for the next step we purchased several pressure and temperature sensors and a device to monitor and log these extra sensors. With that information not only can we better tune the 2262 but also find performance losses in the intake and exhaust system which we can improve. Because, looking at the power curves with both turbos, both are very flat topped, indicating something is preventing full potential.As for the 2.2 JTD engine it selves, we looked at the cylinder head and it is very similar to the 2.0 JTD, with smaller exhaust valves and ports than the ones found in the 1.9 JTD 16v engine, which is not beneficial for scavenging the cylinders at higher rpm. This opposed to the low rpm performance, where the 2.2 is superior. Our goal is to optimize all the exterior parts of the engine to see how much power and torque with a solid, street useable powerband we can achieve from a stock 2.2 engine. Stay tuned. ... See MoreSee Less
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2 months ago

Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio theft protection. Already in september 2022 we engineered the first prototype anti theft armor because of the increasing amount of cars being stolen via hacking into the front radar. It proved to be a a very effective solution, and compared to electronic barriers that are also being sold, the advantage of the armor is that thieves are not able to damage or steal the radar which is a very expensive part. So far we have shipped 500+ pcs all over the world to owners but also dealers and resellers. We know there's still lots of owners out there without "wearing protection". We are constantly updating the designs, as we added holes for the radar alignment screws about a year ago. Also we are supplying a detailed manual, with specific information for each model and adding a sticker "secured with anti-theft armor" to tell thieves they can move on.Also we have seen there's copycats, that literally copied the design one to one but with a lower quality finishing and selling these for a lower price. Well, we want to encourage you to go with the original and therefore have a discount code for 10%, this will be active the rest of this month January. ... See MoreSee Less
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2 months ago

Headlight conversion from halogen to MY23 full LED done!Not only does it completely transforms the looks of the car, the visibility in the dark is so much better!Many thanks to Etuners Motorsport - Parts & Tuning for the parts and support. ... See MoreSee Less
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