Gasket kit turbo K04 upgraded



Gaskets needed for a turbo swap at the 1750 TBi/QV engine.

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Weight 0.25 kg

JTD Performance


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Automerk Model Jaar Motor
Automerk Model Jaar Motor
Alfa Romeo 159 2011-2012 1.750 TBi (200hp)
Alfa Romeo 4C 2013- 1.750 TBi (240hp)
Alfa Romeo Brera/Spider 2006-2011 1.750 TBi (200hp)
Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2010-2014 1.750 TBi - QV (235hp)
Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2014-2016 1.750 TBi - QV (240hp)
Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2016- 1.750 TBi - QV (240hp)
Lancia Delta 2008-2015 1.8 DI TurboJet (200hp)