EGR delete kit Giulia/Stelvio 2.2 JTD



The high pressure EGR system taps exhaust gas from the exhaust manifold collector and feeds it through an EGR distribution pipe into the intake manifold entry passage. The result is soot deposits throughout the complete manifold, MAP sensor and even up to the intake ports and valves in the cylinder head. With this kit the piping between HP EGR valve and intake manifold can be removed and blanked. At the intake side blanking is done with a CNC milled aluminium lid, for the EGR valve side a stainless end cap with fitting is foreseen to remount the temperature sensor. Fits all versions of the Alfa Romeo Giulia/Stelvio with 2.2 diesel engine. With the physical removal of the EGR, also the ECU software must be adapted for trouble free operation.

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Automerk Model Jaar Motor
Automerk Model Jaar Motor
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2016- 2.2 JTD
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