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An increasing problem is the theft of Alfa Giulia’s and Stelvio’s, often without any marks. Besides the known keyless go system (which can be disabled), the thieves have found a new way to connect into the CAN system, through a plug of the radar in the front bumper. With this method, the car can be opened and started in a minute. JTD-Performance wants to stop these thefts as fast as possible and therefore engineered the Anti Theft Armor. This is a stainless steel shield that blocks all access to the radar plug. The part can only be installed or removed when the complete front bumper is removed. The Anti Theft Armor is mounted at 3 points and because of multiple flanges it prevents access even if a hole would be cut from underneath.

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Weight 1.2 kg

Giulia (normal/super), Giulia Q, Giulia Veloce, Stelvio (normal/super), Stelvio Q, Stelvio Veloce

5 reviews for Anti theft armor – Giulia/ Stelvio

  1. Marco

    6 weken geleden een anti theft armour op mijn Giulia Veloce laten monteren.
    Het werkt!!! Vannacht hebben ze geprobeert haar te stelen…..
    Door dit systeem is dat gelukkig mislukt.

  2. Max Horn (verified owner)

    Looks great and having installed it myself i can absolutely see why it’s effective. That thing is ON there! Worth the money for the peace of mind alone

  3. Kahm-Jai

    Mooi product, ook laten inbouwen door JTD. Geeft een veilig gevoel.

  4. Eliott Robert (verified owner)

    God damn it’s worth the money, my Stelvio QV got stolen, I found it not even 4 hours later with 5 gps that where inside the car, They broke the quadrifoglio signs on the sides, and removed my personalized plate, after that it’s now in réparation and I have to pay over 2000€ since my insurance does not want to cover the cost, this anti theft armor promises to be really good, and the day I got the car back, those fatherless mother fuckers where back to steal it again, but they where fucking sad when they saw the anti theft it’s fucking awesome

  5. John Purget (verified owner)

    The product works as advertised & surpasses expectations!

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