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We offer performance parts for a wide range of engines. Everything from the 1.3 MultiJet to the 2.4 JTD for example. We also offer tuning parts for TBi and MultiAir Engines.Wij bieden performance parts aan voor veel verschillende motortypes. Alles van de 1.3 MultiJet tot bijvoorbeeld de 2.4 JTD, daarnaast bieden wij ook dieverse tuningdelen aan voor TBi en MultiAir motoren.

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6 hours ago


Bespoke upgraded turbocharger for a 159 1.9 JTDm 16v. The big difference with the 147/156/GT turbo is the integrated turbine housing. Something which is seen more and more nowadays with OEM turbos to allow more compact designs. For us performance enthiousiasts, this makes it a bit more difficult to fit bigger units. So to have a plug&play solution with solid power potential, we changed both the compressor and turbine wheel for this charger. We fitted the biggest turbine wheel that just fits inside the VNT nozzle assembly to minimize backpressure. For the compressor end a point milled full blade 56mm compressor was chosen.
Soon also available from the webshop, 159 1.9 JTDm turbo upgrades in performance stages 1 and 2.
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6 days ago


Latest project: powerup for this very nice 159 2.4 Q4 Ti. The car arrived with a bad tune, high torque but top power below stock level. Also messy DPF removal with many dtc blocked. Closer examination showed a defect swirl flaps linkage, with the flaps "freefloating" and leaking all over the place. So we cleaned the manifold, sand blasting it and fitted swirl blanks. Next step was removal of the precat pipe and fitting our downpipe. This mods already made a big difference in performance. Then, the stock intercooler was removed and our intercooler kit fitted. Last but not least, the bad tune was deleted and a proper tune made. Now the performance is completely transformed with good power up to 4500 rpm, estimated numbers 270 hp/ 560 Nm. Especially in combination with the 4WD, the acceleration of this 159 is impressive! ... See MoreSee Less

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3 weeks ago


A message for the customers outside the EU: because of the Covid 19 situation, the shipping costs are changing all the time. To overcome miscalculations, I switched off the shipping zones outside EU in the webshop. If you are from outside the EU, and interested to buy parts, send me an email and I will give you a quote with the correct shipping rate. ... See MoreSee Less

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4 weeks ago


In February I released the K04 upgraded Stage 2 unit for 1750 TBI engines. A first test was done and we saw promising results. Boost response was not slower than the Stage 1 unit, but more importantly, power was strong up to 7000 rpm. Because the intake/exhaust setup of the test car was not ideal (stock intake, stock rear exhaust and so on) we couldnt see the actual toppower potential in numbers yet. These mods will be done and soon there will be new tests. In the meantime, work have been performed on an even more powerful unit. This one has a more efficient full blade compressor wheel and the bigger turbine has been modified to reduce backpressure even more. This should result in even more top end power potential, the goal is to break the 350 hp barrier with this. I present you the K04 Stage 2+ upgraded turbo! ... See MoreSee Less

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2 months ago


Last year I presented the single mass flywheel as a replacement for the 1750 TBI and Giulietta QV heavy dual mass flywheel. After a test fitment the flywheel design was revised which resulted in an even lower mass of 7420 grams. A big reduction from the stock 11600 grams! To replace the damping function of the DMF, a clutch center with heavy duty spring pack is selected to complete the kit. The single mass conversion kit will be available in three stages, Stage 1 for mild upgraded cars, Stage 2 for serious upgraded street cars (with upgraded turbo) and Stage 3 with ceramic pads for the most extreme no compromise setups. Featured below is the Stage 2 set.
Link to the webshop:
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